Are you there, blogosphere? It’s me, Melissa.

Posted on January 18, 2010


Today begins an era. A new page in my life. Another conformity to e-trends to add to my list.

As of today, I am a blogger–a voluntary one. Yes, I’ve tread lightly in the blogosphere for my journalism classes, but today marks my first attempt to blog because I want to. But why?

Well, the other day, 12 people “liked” my facebook status. The first thing I thought was, “Wow, new personal record. This is the highlight of my day.” Then I thought, “The fact that this affects my day is a testament to my sad and facebook-ridden life. I need a hobby or more friends. Or both.” Finally, I thought, “If I’m going to entertain at least 12 people with something I say, maybe I should try to write something a little more thorough.”

Alas, my legions of fans. A blog hath been created. Now you can see the unabridged version of my thoughts.

Posted in: My Sad Life