Don’t do it… not even once.

Posted on April 6, 2010


I was bored last Monday night. Naturally, my first thought was to watch Gossip Girl.

The show left me with a few thoughts. For example:

– “Why the hell am I watching this terrible excuse for a television show?”

– “‘Love triangles’ don’t exist on Gossip Girl. Every ‘love triangle’ is a sprawling polygon. Vanessa and Dan… friends with benefits? Lovers? Boyfriend/girlfriend? Soulmates? All of the above? What about Dan’s long-lost brother? And Serena? Oh wait, she’s with Nate now. Truly mind-boggling.”

– “Ooh, Quinn from Dexter plays this Uncle Jack guy. Thank God he doesn’t have a goatee on Dexter; he loses a lot of integrity with that thing.”

– “Jenny’s a pill-popper?! Actuallyyy… not surprised.”

-“Wow,  I just lost an hour of my life. Never getting it back. This is a new low.”

But of the sparse amount of thoughts that ran through my mind, as Gossip Girl isn’t exactly a deep exploration of the teenage psyche or the human condition in general, one in particular stands out: I will never, EVER try meth. No, not because Little J’s borderline drug OD had a profound impact on my life choices, but instead because of a commercial that interrupted all the melodrama:

The commercial (er… PSA?) conveniently and non-coincidentally features Willa Holland, who plays Little J’s bitchy, drug-addled model frenemy Agnes on Gossip Girl as well as Marissa Cooper’s bitchy, occasionally drug-addled, aspiring model little sister on The O.C. As such, it was a perfectly apropos fit amongst this drug-themed Gossip Girl episode that featured a perfectly cast Willa Holland. More importantly, it creeped me out.

But this commercial from the same campaign, which I saw a few weeks beforehand, had already freaked most of the shit out of me:

What the what?

I’m not saying I’d ever do Meth. I’m not exactly a champion of recreational/gateway drug use. HOWEVER, if I hypothetically did want to try Meth one day, I wouldn’t anymore. Seeing homegirl looking like The Grudge and rocking (quite literally) the fetal position in her shower did enough to persuade me that I certainly do not want to be like “that guy.”

All I can say is this: Georgia Meth Project, I salute you. This has to be the most brilliant, disturbingly successful anti-drug campaign our great Peach State has ever launched. The website says the campaign is award-winning, and I wholeheartedly believe it. Whether daytime or primetime, these televised commercials seem like enough to ensure that our state’s Meth problem will come to an end. Other than the fact that I have a feeling that quite a few of our domestic Meth users don’t own or frequently utilize a television.

PS-the GA Meth Project has its own YouTube station. They just uploaded another commercial yesterday… JACKPOT!!!!!!!!

Seen enough yet?

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