Goodbye, grades (as promised)

Posted on December 10, 2010


Did you ever think you’d see me again so soon?!

Thanks to all of you who gave me your suggestions. Not surprisingly, I have accomplished no studying since my last post, as my browser tabs have transformed into a gold mine of procrastination tools. And now, in the Christmas spirit, I shall pass those tools on to you.

My favorites: you may be familiar with these already, but there’s a reason for that. They bring tears to my eyes–not the “Oh my God, I have a test in three hours and I haven’t started studying because I’ve been web-surfing,” stress-induced ones, those come later–but instead tears from laughing so damn hard. I have never laughed so hard at a website. Just wait until you read the one about Jesus.

-What kind of ginger would I be if, a) I had never seen this YouTube video, and b) it weren’t my favorite YouTube video?

-Speaking of the ‘Tube, my favorite EVER account is this one. An amazingly-recorded compilation of indie performances around the world. Check out Fleet Foxes’ “Blue Ridge Mountains” and Phoenix’s “1901,” especially if you have ever been to Paris. Oh hell, here’s Fleet Foxes:

-My brother’s favorite site lately is, which calls itself “Probably the Best Site in the World.” Once you look at this photo gallery and the photo bomb galleries on the site, you might agree.

-The tweets by He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named alone are reason enough to get a Twitter account. Enjoy, social media-impaired Potter fans.

-You can’t go to UGA without browsing–and loving–Overheard in Athens. It makes me simultaneously proud and ashamed to live in this town.

The Classics: good luck leaving these.

-Speaking of life in Athens, what would this college town be without hipsters and townies? They might laugh at us when we stroll the downtown streets, but here‘s a good chance to laugh right back at them.

-These hipsters might make you say aww instead, though.

-Lest you doubt that that the Peach State is only hipster-ridden, visit the Georgia section of People of Walmart to remind you otherwise.

Suggestions: thank you, followers, for these gems!

-Dear @evcon, thank you for showing me dearblankpleaseblank. Sincerely, @melissarose.

-I know I’m not the only one whose parents add signatures to their text messages, as if the “From” part weren’t enough. I give you When Parents Text.

-We’ve seen it too many times before. Consider anti duckface a public outcry.

brown cardigan: a random assortment of funny and interesting stuff.

-More photo galleries than you could possibly ask for at

-Kristen’s favorite YouTube video:

-The evil of T9, at Damn You, Autocorrect

Legalize Shrooms, a College Humor vid.

For the Ladies: everyone can appreciate these, but women, in particular might especially like ’em.

-A Twitter account that is arguably better than Voldermort, but only if you can commiserate: Sorority Girl Problems

-This Tumblr account is dedicated to Ryan Gosling and all his sexy glory. Better yet, he knows about it. Ladies, feast your eyes upon Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling.

-The latest single from our beloved “Tardy for the Party” songstress… beware… enjoy…

For the guys:these might be more up your alley than Kim Zolciak.

-My third favorite Twitter account belongs to my first favorite wide receiver, ATL’s own Roddy White. John Abraham is an honorable mention. Truly, as a Falcons fan, it doesn’t get better than their Twitter accounts. That being said, I also recommend Roddy White’s personal site,

Movie theater sign fails, via FunnyorDie

-Hear all the new rap songs before your bros do at Hip Hop Early.

SNL: I know, I know. You don’t think SNL is funny anymore. But it isn’t too shabby…

-I am fully confident that Paul Rudd will bring the LOLz this weekend, as these promos show.

-My roommates and I hate Miley Cyrus, so we loooooooooove quoting The Miley Show. It’s pre’y kool.

-Have I mentioned I love the Real Housewives shows on Bravo? Have I mentioned Tina Fey is my heroine? Have I mentioned that this sketch is a big ole’ funny sandwich of both?

Quizzes: despite being a lover of all things trivia, I actually don’t give in to much of it online. If you do, though, check out Sporcle. Too easy, I know.

For the movie lovers: this is a bit self-indulgent, I know, but if you love movies as much as I do…

-You will enjoy–ladies and Franco lovers, especially–this BEAUTIFUL series of shorts from the New York Times. May the Gray Lady never die.

-Speaking of my love of James Franco, you too can love all over these clips from Inside the Actors Studio. Who has ever looked so good with a mustache?

-Here’s a trailer for the movie I will not stop talking about until all of you see it. Watch, especially after you look at Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling.

There you have it, a little something for all of your interests! Should occupy a few hours’ worth of your time. But don’t blame me if you fail your exams.