Big thangs! BIG! THANGS!

Posted on April 13, 2011


Funny how this all came about.

This morning, my communication law professor continued his lecture to us on copyright law. He talked about how, if we used sound, video, imagery–whatever–owned by someone else without permission, we could be sued/approached with a take-down notice/held liable.

That’s worse than getting called to standards, right?

I figured such. So I went ahead and Spring-Cleaned-Up my blog (I had to maintain my seat as a questionner of copyright issues), giving it a sleek (see: in-your-face. See: I’M HILARIOUS) new look.

With the new look, I figured I might as well develop a sort of M.O. to match. I’m reading Tina Fey’s new book Bossypants, and what with all this talk of intellectual womanpower/perennial singledom, I felt like I should start anew and throw in a few more pennies than my two cents.

So here it goes:

Every day up until Reading Day Eve (the day before finals, for you non-UGA-ers), I’m going to write an entry. Now THIS AIN’T NO TUMBLR! I’m not just going to recycle old stuff (notthatthere’sanythingwrongwiththatTumblrissupercoolI’mbehindtheball) and give it to you; it’ll all be in tradish Screw You, I’m Hilarious style.

This little regular-basis blogging trial run is going to be a litmus test of my brain/willpower and my followers’ readership. So please, I ask of you, encourage me as much as you can! Give me whatever suggestions or requests you can think of! Pitch ’em in comments, Facebook status replies, text messages, telegraphs, vis-a-vis, Words with Friends chats, morse code, paper airplanes, sticky notes, telegrams, phone calls–WHATEVER!

Let the scrib[bl]ing begin!


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