Never the bride(smaid). And that’s okay.

Posted on April 19, 2011


Hello friends. Long time no blog.

Tonight, I saw Kristen Wiig/Paul Fieg/Judd Apatow’s (writer/star, director, producer, respectively, for the n00bz) new film, Bridesmaids, at an advance screening at UGA.

It had everything–the feminine sensibility of a chick flick, the charm of a rom com, the hilarity of gross-out humor, Wilson Phillips, puppies, and so on and so forth. As a comedy written by women, it hit notes in the Apatow vein that I’d never experienced before.

Despite feeling like I was going to start getting my period (eew, dudes, am I right??) at the same time as the other some-200 girls in the theater, I never felt like this movie couldn’t be enjoyed just as much by a guy. My brother, who sat next to me and must have felt more emasculated than way back when when my older sister and I dressed him up in ladies wear (true fact), concurred. He described it as “I Love You, Man with women.”

And as much as Bridesmaids might be disposable as a chick flick on its face, it is far from such. It cued a lot of inner discourse about my own fear of future in the adult world, perennial singledom, men, failure and competition. And those concerns I will lightly detail when the funny part of my brain wakes up.

More coming in the a.m.!

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