Posted on May 19, 2011


Sheesh. That was fast.

In what seemed like a blur, my third year at UGA passed. I, too, passed–my classes, thankfully. And now we’re back at summertime.

Around this time last year, I was living along the French Riviera and parading the Croisette at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.’Twas a good life. This year, however, I’m in Athens–faithfully stalking a handful of Cannes student blogs, reading reviews and tweets as frequently as possible, and subsequently suffering from a strain of seasonal depression that I have a feeling will continue over 11-day periods in May for the next several years. Until I’m a wildly successful film industry pawn and can once again return to the Fest, that is.

What’s more, I’ve added a new writing outlet to my C.V. I’m interning this summer with two Athens-based companies called J House Media and Map Dynamics as a blogger and editor. It’s keeping me busy, as I’m a chronically meticulous writer. Plus, Internet advertising/marketing, web design and trade shows aren’t my particular realms of expertise–cue elaborate research!

Today I posted my first blog entry to the J House site, and it’s set to run in a couple of weeks. I also learned some basic html, which I’ll be getting even cozier with over the course of the summer–I’m responsible for getting every blog copy edited and html-ready.

That being said, expect both humor/tech speak in the coming weeks. I’m ruminating on some ideas as I type.

Yours truly,


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