Music: 5/25–A Potluck

Posted on May 25, 2011


A few jams, as of late. Miscellaneous indeed. But there’s something for everyone, right?

Don’t overlook this Incredible cover by Bon Iver from “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” For whatever reason, the embed code is being a butt-licker and I can’t post the video. But you should still watch it. Seriously. It’s like someone punched the lead singer, Justin Vernon, in the crotch, thinking it would be hilarious, and then Vernon opened his mouth and this sweet, melancholy tune came out and then everyone’s faces melted and then the puncher was like, “oh, sheesh, that punch was the least abusive thing I’ve ever done!” And then Justin Vernon was like booooooom. You get it…

Jay Electronica has so much flow it’s disgusting. There’s tons of hype about his next album. Here’s why:

Finally! Hallelujah! Heil Odd Future! A video for the Frank Ocean track, “Acura Integurl,” surfaced a couple days ago. And I can’t. Stop. Watching. This guy is Neyo meets American Apparel. He will blow up. Really, he already has quite a bit since I last wrote about him. You’re welcome.

I mean, this one speaks for itself. In sexy language.

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