A Few of my Favorite Things

Posted on May 26, 2011


Summertime: a time of relaxation. A time of bliss. A time when productivity goes to die. Unless, that is, you’re a better person than I (not hard to achieve), and you have a 9-to-5 job or internship. If that’s the case, I admire you almost as much as I laugh in your face/behind your back.

See, my internship is remote. I work when and where I want. The rest of the time, I’m eating, drinking, watching movies, watching TV, surfing the Web, or some combination of the aforementioned idleness. It’s awesome, so I’ve gone ahead compiled a list of my favorite shows/sites/activities thus far.

1. Ginger Problems

Let’s be real. It’s not like I can go outside in the summer. I’m a recluse–a modern, ginger Boo Radley.  I can’t go to the beach without wearing baby sunscreen, and I can’t exercise outside without turning a tomato-like shade of red. So I stay inside and commiserate instead. See, there’s this brilliant Twitter/website, Ginger Problems, that just knows me and my people. It’s an abridged, insightful type of extension beyond my blog about being a ginger, and I love it. They even sell memorabilia. Below is the Ginger Problems tank I ordered and finally got in the mail this week. Can’t wait to… not wear it outside!

2. HBO GO/Game of Thrones

As if I needed to waste more of my time, HBO and God tag-teamed to create the most glorious website in all the land, HBO GO. If you have HBO, you can log into the site with your cable or satellite account information and watch any episode of any HBO show ever from your computer or mobile device.

With my brother’s recommendation, as such, I started watching the new HBO series Game of Thrones. It’s crack. Think The Wire meets a sexy Lord of the Rings. Indeed, it stars Sean Bean, who played Boromir in the Lord of the Rings films. Besides a serious amount of gratuitous sex/nudity, this show is near-perfect. It has possibly the highest and most lovely production value I’ve ever seen on television to date, and its directors have created a truly masterful aesthetic. Beyond that, the plot has thickened with every episode, and the knee-deep web of lies and machinations has played out with incredible suspense.

Oh, and there are some sexies. My personal favorite, one for the ladies, is bastard son/fearless protector/general badass Jon Snow (Kit Harington), pictured below. On the left. SIIIIIIIKEEEE! On the right.

Game of Thrones Publicity StillSee More Game of Thrones Publicity Still at IGN.com

I watched all six of the 55-minute episodes that have aired thus far, plus the seventh in advance on HBO GO, IN ONE DAY. Sorry I’m not sorry.

3. The NBA Playoffs

Talkin’ bout the playoffs? You bet I am. I generally gravitate more toward NCAA basketball–it’s more exciting, in my opinion, and is more team-oriented, which I appreciate–but this year’s playoffs have been spectacular.

Here are three reasons why:

a) Basketball=cool.

I’ve always loved basketball. It was my favorite sport growing up. I went to the Ray Allen Slamma Jamma Basketball Camp in 1997 AND 1998. Naturally, I was the back-to-back one-on-one champ. A-boooooom.

And this year, it all started for me on Easter Sunday, when my pops (shoutout to Big Frank Buckman, on whom I can always count for pageviews) treated us to incredible seats at Philips arena for game 4 of the Hawks/Magic series. There’s no feeling greater than an electrified, exciting stadium/arena/ballpark during a sporting event (note to future boyfriend(s): I want Falcons tickets for Christmas), and this was quite a game. Though my Hawks and Celtics are no longer in it, I’ve still loved watching the rest of the playoffs.

b) I like puns.

Exhibit A: HOLD MA DIRK!. Exhibit B: Sprechen sie Dirk?. Exhibit C: Durant Durant, the Duran Duran cover band my friend Sarah and I intend to start while Kevin Durant remains relevant. That being said–if you know of any sports bars or arcades that might want to book us, holler at a betch.

c) Derrick Rose.

I have a bad habit of expelling odd noises and making everyone uncomfortable anytime Derrick Rose appears on television. He has the body/looks/skills of a god, and he somehow pulls off a pedophile mustache at the same time. This ad speaks for itself:

4. Community

Rarely does a 3o-minute comedy series on primetime television have as much heart as Community does. Beyond my unadulterated love of Donald Glover, this show has caught my attention virtually nonstop for the past two weeks. It has some hilarious jokes and storylines, and watching it from the start has been a treat–I enjoyed the different characters in miscellaneous episodes I’d seen, but seeing them develop from the start has been exponentially better. This video of D. Glover and Danny Pudi rapping at the end of a season one episode summarizes my love.

5. NPR First Listen

I listened to the new My Morning Jacket album this week, and I loved it. All thanks to First Listen on NPR.org. NPR does music and theater lovers a great service by streaming new albums in their entirety a week before they’re released. They’ve also recently featured the new Death Cab for Cutie and Danger Mouse (LISTEN TO IT) albums, in addition to the soundtrack for the first Broadway show I’ve actually wanted to see, “The Book of Mormon.” Brilliant, NPR! Just when, after student judging a radio category for the Peabody Awards, I was still half-convinced that radio was an obsolete medium!

And that’s that. Do yourselves a favor and indulge in my favorite things, friends. It’ll be worth it. And if you don’t trust my taste, Google anything above (besides Ginger Problems–it’s still pretty obscure) and let the rest of the blogosphere convince you it’s good.