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The West has won.

May 29, 2012


Tonight I come to you live from my top bunk at “Hostel ‘Mango'” in Prague, having called it a night early after getting ripped off by some creepy waiters in our pursuit of legitimate Czech cuisine (see: glorified pot roast, less roast, more breads). And my, how the days until now have flown. Indeed, as […]

Europe’s “got a big, fat LESBIAN CRUSH” on us.

May 26, 2012


And I’ll explain it soon. Aside from a tale of my love affair with Holland and the most curious living situation we’ve seen yet. For now, I’m in Berlin, and there’s a rooftop bar in our hostel with a view of the TV Tower. So check back tomorrow. ttfn

Ker Suzeled

May 21, 2012


It’s Monday night in Paris, and I’m sitting around in the hostel room eating more than my fill of roasted chicken and thyme-flavored Lay’s — they’re like a meal in your mouth! The future of eats! — while Kayla sleeps off her exhaustion. We’ve had a wild few days here, capped most vigorously by a […]

Potential album titles (thus far)

May 20, 2012


1. O Canada 2. Ker Suzled 3. Headphones 4. Low points 5. Skol 6. Canasians 7. Unsdt ja

Line to Cockfosters

May 18, 2012


Alas! Here I am, en route to gay ole Pair-ee, sitting across from my dear, beautiful, at this moment slightly unkempt (as opposed to my own extremely unkempt self) friend Kayla. I don’t recall the last minute I slept, and my eyelids creep south like they aim to sabotage the sanity of mine that remains […]

New leaves

May 15, 2012


I remember my first day at the University of Georgia, as I walked to class doe-eyed and overdressed, angry I settled for anything less than a private liberal arts college. Alas, much to my own shock, the greatest four years of my life ensued. And today here I sit, a wiser, in many ways academically […]