New leaves

Posted on May 15, 2012


My trusty ‘pack.

I remember my first day at the University of Georgia, as I walked to class doe-eyed and overdressed, angry I settled for anything less than a private liberal arts college.

Alas, much to my own shock, the greatest four years of my life ensued. And today here I sit, a wiser, in many ways academically dumber, unemployed college graduate, wearing an XL T-shirt with the phrase I PARTIED AT PAPPY’S. DANGER • ADVENTURE • ROMANCE” emblazoned across my back like a scarlet letter of party schooldom. No regrets. Except for maybe titling my blog “Screw You — I’m Hilarious” and expecting to fare well in background searches. Indeed, SEO is the Manhattan Project of the Internet for many.

But I digress. Instead of getting shoulder- or really any more than ankle-deep in the job search, I’ve decided to take a slightly extended leave from adulthood.

On Thursday (two days from now, as I stand), I depart for a 25-day romp across Europe with my dear friend Kayla. It’s a new leaf before the big ole new leaf of taxes and insurance and 401K’s and all the personal finance I will ignore until I’m Wesley Sniped because of my terrible rudimentary math skills (jklol IRS).

And really, besides the anxiety that rattled me for months, I’m completely complacent about my decision to shirk an immediate jump into the workplace. It’s one of the last chances I’ll get to see the world while I’m a young adult, and I’m making a trip to my own Mecca — the beacon of gingers, beer and wit — Dublin. It’ll be a hoppy and near-religious experience, no doubt, atop my other ventures into Paris, Amsterdam, Leiden, Berlin, Prague, Galway, Edinburgh and London.

All the while, I intend to chronicle my (mis-)adventures, ideally providing juicy fare for more readers than just my parents (Hi, Mom. Hi, Dad. Thanks for paying for this — I won’t get taken). I’ll post photos when able, tell stories and struggle all the while with the consummate challenge of creating a legitimately valuable travel blog series.

So without further ado, I advance-bid Norts, barbecue, tacos, LinkedIn and, of course, you all adieu. I’ll report from the other side of the pond upon arrival.

For now, though, feel free to join the family pool on where I will most likely elope. Sources say Ireland’s in the lead.

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