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REBUTTAL: Frat guys and Facebook: a girl’s perspective

February 8, 2012


So my brother Frank took a stab at staple sorority girl Facebook etiquette. Now it’s my turn. Here are some of the equally ridiculous commonalities I’ve picked up from bros on the ‘Book: 1. Terrible pictures of other bros Years have gone by, but this never gets old. If a bro passes out, takes a […]

GUEST BLOG: Sorority girls and Facebook: a guy’s perspective

February 8, 2012


by my brother Frank. So about six months ago, I told Melissa that she should write a blog post about how sorority girls all seem to love to do certain things on Facebook. Mostly because I, like many guys I know, find these repeating habits ridiculous. Sure enough, she ignored me, and another blog beat […]

The GA/FL victory: a senior treat

November 1, 2011


I wrote this column hurredly over the course of about an hour after driving 6 hours home from St. Simons Island. But I mean every word! (Original post here) — Georgia-Florida isn’t just a game. It’s the epic and insane Frat Beach. It’s watching a Vietnam veteran named Horace with a ponytail in his beard […]

Life’s a (frat) beach.

October 25, 2011


Once a year, there comes a time in a UGA student’s life that most would liken to Christmas — or, at least, whatever would be the booziest calendar holiday for any given person. It’s a weekend like no other, so epic and so integral to the University student schedule that administrators finally decided to incorporate […]

Do costumes the creative way this Halloween.

October 23, 2011


Below is my column on Halloween that was printed in the Red & Black last Thursday. It has more allusions than I ever thought my editor would allow, which I consider a personal victory. You can find the original online post here. Use my ideas for inspiration, or leave some of your own in the […]

An Ode To Hipsters (that’s never been sung)

August 30, 2011


Here’s to you, hipsters. You frail, chain-smoking, PBR-sipping, flannel-wearing, inexplicably sexy beings. As a sorostitute, I don’t know why I like you–it sure feels wrong–but oh, it’s definitely right. I’m so mystified by your ironic allure. How, pray tell, did you manage to put UGA on the map as one of the top hipster colleges […]

University is the place for reality (via The Red & Black)

April 25, 2011


This is my column that was published today. Totes counts as a post! — I can’t turn off reality. It’s my weeknight highlight, my hunch to read spoiler alerts, my reason for taking a break from the chaos around me to peer into someone else’s life. But as I sit with bated breath at panel results to […]