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REBUTTAL: Frat guys and Facebook: a girl’s perspective

February 8, 2012


So my brother Frank took a stab at staple sorority girl Facebook etiquette. Now it’s my turn. Here are some of the equally ridiculous commonalities I’ve picked up from bros on the ‘Book: 1. Terrible pictures of other bros Years have gone by, but this never gets old. If a bro passes out, takes a […]

GUEST BLOG: Sorority girls and Facebook: a guy’s perspective

February 8, 2012


by my brother Frank. So about six months ago, I told Melissa that she should write a blog post about how sorority girls all seem to love to do certain things on Facebook. Mostly because I, like many guys I know, find these repeating habits ridiculous. Sure enough, she ignored me, and another blog beat […]

So I creep, yeeeeah.

February 9, 2010


So I have this friend. Her pals call her Sensei, because among them, she is a master at Facebook stalking.  “Teach me your ways, Sensei!” her minions plead, but she declines. “Facebook stalking mastery can only be achieved after years of practice and meticulous learning combined with innate, creepy skill,” she explains. “Many will explore […]