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What I didn’t learn in college (Alternatively, why fame doesn’t suit me)

October 18, 2012


I had this thought yesterday. I was pacing around my bedroom in my jammies at about 4:35 p.m., my unwashed hair in a sort of Annie Hall lounge-bun/Cast Away ravage-mop, when I stopped before my full-length mirror. There, as I sucked my belly in, achieving no figure enhancement given my XXL T-Shirt serving as the […]

Steeplechase: A Diary–Haters gonna hate, baiters gonna bate

April 17, 2011


I know, I know. I missed a day. But I was occupied, as you will soon understand. Yesterday was my sorority’s Steeplechase Date Day. We went to Kingston, Ga., for the Atlanta Steeplechase horse race. It was nuts. Knowing this would be the case, I set off to catalog the day’s events. Here is my […]


April 15, 2011


As I write this, I am doing two significant things: 1) Listening to “Hero” by Enrique Iglesias 2) Sitting just about 80 hits short of 30,000. Use personal judgment to determine which concerns me more. Anywho, I have a vow to upkeep, so I’m blogging. (Not that you should expect much from me, since it’s […]

Every day I’m hustlin’.

June 4, 2010


Holy smokes. What kind of blogger am I? My study abroad program is over, and I haven’t said a word on this thing since the night it began. I could blame the mind-blowingly horrible internet at the hotel (which the unfriendly front desk employees turn off during the wee hours of the morning when we […]

And the maintenance man said, “Let there be light!”

January 26, 2010


Last week, after two consecutive nights of cooking dinner  in the dark (which was, not surprisingly, an extremely challenging experience), the maintenance man finally came to fix the kitchen light in my apartment. His arrival was unexpected–I had no idea my roommates had even addressed the kitchen light issue, nor did I know the maintenance […]